Chandrayaan 2 and the Houdini Act

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There’s a facebook post by Tapan Misra, a distinguished scientist and a former Director of Space Application Centre on a writeup titled “Aliens demolished India’s Chandrayaan 2; New findings shock ISRO” by some Nirmal Narayanan and published by International Business Times.

The facebook post by Tapan Misra is self explanatory. It calls the bluff and exposes a lot. We are reproducing it below for the benefit of Newsroom24x7 followers

Houdini Act

There is a latest addition to Chandrayaan 2 lander Fiasco. Albeit it is a piece, dated 1st April, I am afraid that it will start getting credence among star struck commoners. There were so many conjectures about Vikram lander story that I feel myself as technically challenged.

There were initial stories of soft landing of lander, albeit inverted, in Garfield style. There was also an image to give credence to the theory. When the said image was referred to me, I found that the lander was greatly disproportionate to the NASA LRO imager resolution. I exclaimed that we must have sent Charminar in place of Vikram lander.

Then followed a month of many observations, consistent with Hisenberg’s proverbial cat in a closed box theory. It is there and it is not there.

Icing on the cake was one Techie, Shanmugam Subramaniam with his analysis of LRO data to identify all the debris of lander. His analysis was supposed to have been authenticated by NASA. He was being hailed almost just short of reincarnation of Vikram Sarabhai, by our eager and gullible media. His fame lasted for 24 hrs till I pointed out inconsistencies in analysis in my Facebook post. Both he and his publicity vanished for a toss.

That gentleman reappeared with an analysis of intact lander and rover theory from LRO data again. I understood that he is a mythical character created to torment some pious souls.

There were many happenings which just took my understandings for a ride. Just prior to launch, a leak in cryogenic engine was identified and corrected within a week. Great feat. I was stumped. Then Chandrayan 2 was launched one week late but it reached moon on time. Again a great feat. It is only possible if there is a great reduction in Chandrayan 2 launch mass. Then the life span of Orbiter was increased from 1 year to 7.5 years , supporting launch mass reduction theory and consequent availability of excess fuel. Something was greatly amiss.

Normally there are certain old hats of space science, who go to town with all the exaggerated claims and analyses. Surprisingly those experts were missing in action.

Now this new theory of extraterrestrials, though presented with tongue in check, may capture imagination of gullible masses. Looks like, Chandrayan 2 saga will keep tantalizing us. This Houdini Act appears to reveal less but hide more.


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