University of Allahabad VC objects to loud Azan

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Prayagraj: The Vice Chancellor of University of Allahabad, Professor Sangita Srivastava has written to the Prayagraj District Magistrate drawing attention to the loud Azan from the mosque near her residence.

The concerned Masjid committee has decided to express regret to the VC of the Central University. The direction of the loudspeakers has been changed and their decibel level has also been lowered.

In her letter to Bhanu Chandra Goswami, District Magistrate Prayagraj, the Vice Chancellor of University of Allahabad, has raised the issue of “noise pollution” in the Civil Lines area. She has pointed out that every day in the morning at about 5:30 am her sleep gets disturbed due to loud Azan on the mike by the Maulvi in the neighbourhood mosque. This disturbs the sleep and it leads to headache, throughout the day, causing loss in work hours.

The VC has underscored the old adage “your freedom ends where my nose begins” adding  “I am not against any religion, caste or creed, they may perform the Azan without the mike so that others are not disturbed. Further, she has pointed out “before Eid, they announce Sehri on the mike at 4:00 am.This practice also creates disturbance to other people. The Constitution of India envisages a secular and peaceful co-existence of all communities, which needs to be practiced in letter and spirit.”

The VC has validated the point raised by her by appending the Judgment passed by the Allahabad High Court in PIL No. 570 of 2020 (Afzal Ansari and 2 others Versus State of UP and 2 others) and sought quick response from the District Magistrate on her request to “restore some peace and tranquillity in the minds of all suffering from this loud Azan”.

The VC has also forwarded copies of her letter to the Prayagraj DM to Kavindra Pratap Singh, Inspector General of Police Prayagraj Range and Sarvashresth Tripathi,  Senior Superintendent of Police, SSP Prayagraj.

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