The Quad Summit and Rahul Gandhi at his mischievous worst

Lalit shastri

New Delhi/Washington DC: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will come together for the first Leaders’ Summit of the Quadrilateral Framework, being held virtually on 12th March 2021.

The Leaders will discuss regional and global issues of shared interest, and exchange views on practical areas of cooperation towards maintaining a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. The Summit will provide an opportunity to exchange views on contemporary challenges such as resilient supply chains, emerging and critical technologies, maritime security, and climate change. The Leaders will also discuss ongoing efforts to combat Covid-19 pandemic and explore opportunities for collaboration in ensuring safe, equitable and affordable vaccines in the Indo-Pacific region.

At his Thursday press briefing, ahead of the Quad Summit, the US State department spokesperson Ned Price narrated the important role of The Quad, as it’s known – it’s a small grouo of countries United States, Australia, India and Japan. – Price threw more light explaining the Quad was established not to counter one single threat or to focus on one single issue, but it was really established to showcase what democracies can deliver together both for our their populations and for the broader world. Price further said Quad members are uniquely positioned to help lead the region out of crises and to help move the region towards the more positive vision both to address the crises and to seize opportunities that are presented to all of us collectively.

Quad is not focused on any single issue, to include China, Price made it very clear.

In the present context of Quad and China, one cannot miss drawing attention to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who lost no time on Thursday 11 March when he tweeted that there is no democracy in India citing the Swedish Freedom House Report. He even flashed an excerpt from it which said India is now partly free and as autocratic as Pakistan and worse than Bangladesh. This tweet by Rahul Gandhi is highly mischievous, more because of its timing that coincides with the Quad Summit. Rahul and his Congress party have a bleak track record and they they are always too ready to serve the Chinese cause much against national interest. Rahul’s latest stance exposes him without end and he needs to explain to the people of India the secret memorandum of understanding, he had signed between the Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of China in 2008.

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