Honouring Dogra Valour and History

Newsroom24x7 is reproducing the script by Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, which has been used for the short documentary we have produced with the same title as above and published on our Youtube channel.

There have been many heroes of the J&K State Forces in the First Indo-Pak War of 1947-1948 as they had to fight on three fronts – the enemy in front, the enemy within in the Mirpur Poonch, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit Baltistan Battles and the enemy in the rear (Political), and yet the Dogras held on from end of August 1947 to 27th October 1947, till the Accession and the arrival of the Indian Army to save Kashmir.

Maharaja Hari Singh who saved the State  by ordering Brigadier Rajinder Singh to hold the enemy at all costs and to the last man at Uri and Brigadier Rajinder Singh obeying the order in letter and spirit at the peril of his life, a feat unparalleled in the annals of military history, where a commander in chief of an independent country laid down his life leading a company of 100 Dogras for four days against 6000 Pakistanis, a feat not less than the Battles of Thermopylae In 480 BC which ultimately saved Greece with its faith and culture as also in our case, the secular diversity.

Subhash Chandra Bose and brave soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj

But these heroes were forgotten like Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Fauj till our Prime Minister Modi  restored their position almost after 75 years. The Dogras seek the same for  Maharaja Hari Singh and  his State Forces. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In an appeal to the President of India, the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed forces, the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, the Dogras have urged befitting recognition of their contribution by granting holiday to commemorate Maharaja Hari Singh’s Birth Anniversary on 23rd September and Bharat Ratna posthumously to Brigadier Rajinder Singh. 

Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir Manoj Sinha

This may be the last chance to mend distortions of Dogra History and Heritage and restore their genuine and intrinsic pride, valour and sacrifice for which the Dogra soldier is famous the world over. The Dogras have expressed hope and trust towards the leaders, and especially the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and have appealed to the Government of India to give justice. There cannot be a better opportunity for a formal announcement in this regard than the visit of the Honorable Lieutenant Governor of J&K on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav at Brigadier Rajinder Singh Memorial Park, Rajinderpura, on 12th March 2021.

Maj. Gen. Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, MLC, Retd.

This is an appeal on behalf of the Dogras in general and soldiery in particular by Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, MLC, Retd., the first and also the last General of the Indian Army from the erstwhile Forces of the J&K State. 

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