Mammoth BJP rally in Kolkata: Modi tears apart 10 yr of Mamata rule on every front

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Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a mammoth BJP rally at the Brigade Grounds here on Sunday 7 March 2021. In The PM’s own words – he has never addressed such a massive public meeting in his entire political career.

Popular film personality mithun chakraborty was especially present on the dais.

The Prime Minister took a dig at Mamta Banerjee and her government and said they came to power promising change but during their 10 year rule, they have only looted the people, kept them backward and served their own vested interests. He equated Mamata Banerjee with corruption, syndicate and mafia raj and blamed her for committing atrocities against BJP workers.

Targetting fiercely the Bengal CM and the ruling TMC, Modi said “Mamta didi” has not been able to give up nepotism. Blasting her for not remaining firm in her ideology, the PM said that she is now banking on thd support of Congress and the Leftists to cling to power. The cruel face of TMC is now before the entire world, he observed.

Modi said all the poor and underprivileged people were his brothers and he would do everything possible to mitigate their sufferings.

Modi made the following electoral promises:

Will arrange for education and medicine for Bengal.

Will bring development from farmers to fishermen.

Public trust will be restored in terms of police administration.

Engineering and medical education will be imparted in Bengali language.

Will transform the politics of Bengal from politics of violence to the politics of development.

Will not give anyone a chance to ruin Bengal.

Vote bank politics will not be allowed to dominate Bengal.

Will stop infiltration of illegal migrants from Bengal.

Will give concrete houses to those living in slums.

Will restore public confidence in the government system.

Will make Kolkata the city of future.

We will implement Central schemes in Bengal.

Bengal will move forward with a new resolve.

Development of Bengal is our goal.

We have given gas cylinders to 90 lakh people in Bengal

We have built five lakh toilets here.

Have worked for my poor friends and will continue to work for them.

In the Corona era, we gave rations and money to poor friends.

The corona vaccine is expensive throughout the world, but I have arranged free vaccines for the poor.

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