Fascists endangering democracy in India and USA

Lalit Shastri

The entire Opposition in India has ganged up against the duly elected BJP led NDA Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

At every step the Opposition leaders are abdicating their role in Parliament and challenging the government and the ruling party on the road, on the streets and on the highways. 

We have had this prolonged Shaheen Bagh protest in Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act that ended with bloody violence. The main opposition Congress party was leading from the front when it came to opposing the CAA and supporting the anti-CAA protest.

After the anti-CAA protestors were thoroughly exposed, there has been a bigger protest on the borders of Delhi. This time it is the farmers’ agitation that has drawn maximum strength and support from Punjab where the Congress is in power and the Akali Dal constitutes the main Opposition. Everyone knows how the petty satraps of these political parties acting as “adhatias” or middlemen were making their moolah from the subsidy meant to go to the farmers under the minimum support price system which gets operationalised through the agri-markets. The new farm laws that among other things aim to eliminate these very middle men and ensure maximum profit goes to the farmers both through the already functioning mandis and the free market and also freedom to the farmers to sell their produce anywhere and to anyone. This is what is being opposed by all opposition parties.

The opposition parties have demonstrated time and again that they have no respect for the parliamentary system. The worst chapter of the farmers’ agitation is the breach of Red Fort and the violence that was perpetuated on Republic Day targeting the police.

On Tuesday, 2 February 2021, I came across a post on facebook by my friend Mr Ramkumar, who had started his career with State Bank of India in Ujjain , Central India in the early 80s and is now settled in the US. As I fully agree with what he has stated, I felt like sharing it with every body.

Ramkumar wrote: 
Trump maintains he won the election by a landslide, but it was stolen. Trump Offers no proof.

Ramkumar has underscored how there was an attempt to overturn poll results by violent takeover of the Capitol and falsehood was spread every day. Equating this with the situation in India, he has focused attention on the Indian opposition, which says EVMs (electronic voting machines) were used to tamper results and put Modi in power without offering any proof. They too are trying to overturn poll results by violent street protests in Delhi, the Indian capital, and by spreading falsehoods every day.

Trumpers are the fascists endangering American democracy.

The Indian opposition are the fascists endangering Indian democracy, my friend asserts and goes on to ask – How come many Modi supporters are rooting for Trump and his fascist hordes? How come the fascist Indian opposition is rooting for Biden?

Neither India nor the USA deserves an indolent ignoramus heading its government. Especially an ignoramus who is also a compulsive liar and cheat. Who Ramkumar is pointing to gets amply revealed by the photo attached to the FB post.

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