Soaring prices: Plight of the commoner is nation’s plight

Genevieve Charlotte Fernandes

I went to the grocery store today to pick up my can of cooking oil and came out shocked having to pay a 1000 INR for it.

Then I realised my petrol ⛽ tank was beeping. So I went to fill some gas and when I reached there it read 99.21 INR for the single 1 L. So I just filled one as compared to the 5 L I end up filling everytime it shows a blinker on my vehicle petrol indicator.

Then, when I reached home, the gas from HP had arrived. Our regular “gas wale bhaiya” had come with a bill that read 825 INR. So I asked him, did I not pay 750 INR over the rate that was earlier 600 INR.

While this got me researching and apparently price rise is announced every 1st of the month for petrol, cooking gas and yes cooking oil 🛢 did get me by total surprise.

Well when I do a ✔ checklist of outgoing I will have further scanty dosh to stack away for an outing for my kids.

Now that little meeting you propose to have with us teachers, I am now extremely keen on attending as I am going to be putting a million dollar question to you which India wants to know.

What is your next campaign going to boast of and promise to fullfill.

Well there is no terrorist left in North South East or West I am sure cause high prices of everyday living will break their backs.

Education should be top priority not some bill to change a city’s name or building of a huge structure to compare with the statue of liberty 🗽 cause I am sure Mrs. HARRIS almost ethnically connected AND Mr. Biden a hard core American are not ready to be backing you on the slack on policies made in the near future for education and technology.

So are you helping to make India a power to reckon with? Or, are we just going to be walking past…..

Genevieve Charlotte Fernandes is an educator with a strong track record of teaching, guidance, and counseling. Her Edunext English workshop is an instant hit with young students.

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