Kolkata National Art Exhibition 2021 went Live and broke the barrier of time and space

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Kolkota: Riddhi Siddhi Art Studio is a platform or call it a complete package for those who really are passionate to make a mark in the field of art and culture. The studio has organized a series of National Art Exhibitions and also the trailblazing event Madhya First Brustrokes “The Painting Party”.

Kolkata National Art Exhibition 2021

Riddhi Siddhi art studio organised its 6th major event and the 4th National Art Exhibition at Rabindra Tirtha Art Gallery in Kolkata from 13 to 14 February 2021. Dr Rajendra Tripathi, Secretary Bengal Hindi Parishad, was the Chief Guest. The special guests were Shri Subroto Mukherjee, Minister of Panchayat, West Bengal, Janab Nafis Ahmed, CEO Golden Gate Group, Kolkata, and social activist Janab Haji Umar Farooque.

The Kolkata Exhibition got a tremendous response. A total of 60 artists from all over India participated in this exhibition. Rishabh Nigam, an M.A previous student of fine arts (Drawing and Painting), Government Hamidia Arts and Commerce College, Bhopal with 18 team members from all over India was the leading light and he spearheaded Kolkata event from the conceptualisation stage to organising it on a grand scale with the help of a brilliant team passionately dedicated to the field of art.

Key highlights:
• 60 passionate artists, irrespective of their age, from all over India, showcased their work.
• Theme: Open Theme Art Exhibition so that artist could exhibit the best of their work without any limitation.
• India’s first Live Exhibition: Riddhi Siddhi gives full weightage and believes there is no alternative to exhibiting creativity through an art gallery but due to the COVID pandemic, internet and wifi was utilised to relay Live the Kolkata exhibition across the globe.

Organiser: Rishabh Nigam, Director of Riddhi Siddhi Studio
Co – Organizer : Dhanashree Manjare & Aman Gour, Teacher At Riddhi Siddhi Art Studio


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Co-Hosted by: Rotary Club of Calcutta YUVA
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Art House Media Partner : PubtokArt
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Supported by: Darjeeling Art Culture

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