Congress is Sycophancy, Sycophancy is Congress

Lalit Shastri

Sycophancy is synonymous with the Congress party, which claims the legacy of the grand old party that was at the forefront of the Freedom Movement and is now ruled by Sonia Gandhi and her family.

Responding to a breach of privilege notice moved by three ruling BJP MPs against Rahul Gandhi after his slanderous remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Senior Congress leader and former Foreign Minister Salman Khursheed on Saturday remarked: “Rahul has given a voice to the soul of this nation. If they are giving notice, then they are giving notice to the soul of the country, not to Rahul Gandhi”.

Throwing a poser at journalists, regarding talks with China leading to disengagement of troops and China backing off along the LAC in Ladakh, Khursheed asked “What is being talked about (with China) for so many days? Are the talks going on because we had taken away something from them that we are returning or the talks are are on as they had entered our land they should give it back to us? What is the issue, why these talks? If nothing had happened, then what is the uproar? What is being discussed?At the height of the draconian Emergency in 1976, Dev Kant Barua, the then Congress President had said ” India is Indira, and Indira is India. Who lives if Indira dies?”Zail Singh too, after rising to the office of President of India, had gone ahead and said that he would be happy to  “sweep the ground” that Indiraji walked upon”.  At the fag end of his tenure as Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh too had announced: “I will be very happy to work in the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.” He had made this remark while talking to reporters who were accompanying him on board the special Air India plane on his way home after attending the G-20 summit in September 2013. One had found it so disgusting watching the Prime Minister of India at a terrifying nadir when he had uttered these words and thereby lowered the prestige of the high office of Prime Minister.

Earlier in July that year, the Supreme Court had pronounced that legislators would be disqualified immediately on conviction, even if the conviction was appealed in a higher court. The Government had responded to the Supreme Court judgement by introducing a Bill to amend the Representation of the People Act 1951.The purpose of this Bill was to give convicted legislators the benefit of attending the proceedings of the legislature without the right to vote while their appeals were pending before the court. As there was stiff opposition to this Bill, while it was being considered in the Rajya Sabha, it was referred to the Standing Committee. As the Bill was getting delayed, the Manmohan led UPA-2 government had decided to bring an Ordinance. In September 2013, at a Congress party press briefing, Rahul Gandhi tore a copy of this Ordinance describing it as “a piece of nonsense that should be torn up”.

Manmohan remained unruffled by the disdain and public demonstration of total lack of respect for Parliamentary form of Government by Rahul Gandhi and had announced simultaneously while he was still Prime Minister that he was too willing to serve under Rahul Gandhi.

I have seen Congress Chief Ministers bend in every direction before Rahul Gandhi so much as if their spines were made of rubber that too long years ago when he was just a lad and not holding any post in the Congress party. When I saw it for the first time it filled me with utter shame and rage as this was happening in our democracy where someone holding such high constitutional position was ready ro act as a slave of just one family. We the people have paid a very heavy price for the mansabdari system that has been perpetuated by the Congress party after Independence. The chaos is not just an internal matter of a party. It has afflicted the whole nation. The malaise is too deep. It needs the surgeon’s knife and in a democracy, it is the voters who have the power to eliminate what’s eating into the vitals of the nation.

Lalit Shastri, Editor-in-Chief Newsroom24x7, is proud of the legacy of the Freedom Movement and spirit of nationalism, which he has inherited from the freedom fighters who had sacrificed their all for the country’s Independence. His father late Anant Maral Shastri also was a freedom fighter.

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