Every discrimination is humiliation and violence: French President Emmanuel Macron

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Emmanuel Macron

Paris: President of France Emmanuel Macron on Friday 12 February described every discrimination as humiliation and violence while launching the antidiscriminations.fr site and a number, 3928 under the Defender of Rights.

On December 4 last year, Macron made a commitment to set up a national platform so that all victims of discrimination could report them, regardless of the reason – skin color, disability, weight or height, gender, etc. – or the situation, whether it was about access to a job, a promotion, a request for housing, or access to a service. 

Today, with the Defender of Rights, Macron said, citizens can chat on the platform for free and in real time with lawyers specializing in the fight against discrimination. 

The lawyers will be there to listen to individuals, answer all their questions, inform them about their rights, direct them to associations near them or the relevant State services, Macron said as he went on ro assure they will be there to help the people ensure that justice is done by all possible means: by initiating mediations, by facilitating appeals or administrative or legal proceedings. 

Macron said: “discrimination reminds us that our Republic is never complete. Faced with discrimination, we will respond with action”.

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