Disengagement of troops along LAC: Rajnath gives stern message to China

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday 11 February 2021 gave a firm message to China that India would not allow anyone to take even an inch of its land and that our defence forces were firmly protecting the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

This was underscored by the Defence Minister of India as he informed the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) that a major breakthrough has been achieved between India and China in eastern Ladakh with both the sides initiating disengagement of troops from the southern and northern sides of Lake Pangong on a mutual agreement basis.

The Defence Minister drew attention to the amassing of troops by China in Eastern Ladakh in April 2020 and how they were given a befitting reply by Indian forces, when they were attacked. He also saluted twenty of our soldiers who laid down their lives in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

Making a statement on the ground situation in Eastern Ladakh, he said that India has conveyed to China in categorical terms that we will not compromise even an inch of our land.

Mr Singh said, he wants to assure the House that the country has not lost anything in this process and some issues linked to deployment and patrolling in certain parts along the Line of Actual Control are still pending and will be taken up during further talks.

The Minister told the House that the next round of talks between the military commanders of India and China will be held on Friday.

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