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The Editor on Koo

Age of Marriage: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that a minor Muslim girl on attaining puberty is at liberty to marry anyone as per the Muslim Personal Law. The order passed by Justice Alka Sarin came in response to a petition by a Muslim couple.
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Wuhan and COVID-19: After many days of field studies in Wuhan, China, Peter Ben Emberek, the head of a WHO team, has said the COVID-19 virus was most likely introduced from an intermediate host to humans. It’s likely that the virus was transmitted from frozen food. There’s need to look at frozen food supply chains & do surveys of animals like bat in China and other countries that could be reservoirs of virus.
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Saving Capacity & Loot of Tax payers: This is loot and robbing the tax payer of saving capacity. A developing nation cannot catch up with the advanced countries if the majority of the tax payers have zero saving capacity.
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Trudeau’s Double Face: Four years after the Quebec City Mosque Attack, Justin Trudeau announced that January 29th of every year should be the National Day of Remembrance to make Canada safer for all…RIGHTLY SO but at the same time he also allows the Khalistanis and separatists who want to divide India operate from the Canadian soil.
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China and Free Speech: China is too much.What else can you expect from that country. The heading of an opinion piece by the Editor-in-Chief of China’s official mouthpiece Global Times on 9 Feb screams: “Free speech cannot be allowed to jeopardize China’s governance”.
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Birthplace of Lord Krishna: Mathura court has issued notice to Shahi Idgah Masjid management committee on a plea for removal of a 17th-century mosque near the birthplace of Lord Krishna in the Katra Keshav Dev temple complex.
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Go after Secessionists: Deep Sidhu’s arrest is just the beginning. All anti-nationals and separatists should be hauled up
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Infrastructure Vs Political Doles: The making of Delhi-Mumbai 8 lane expressway. Modi Government is channelising resources for economic infrastructure. Manmohan Singh led UPA Govt squandered public money on populist doles. For example, it diverted money from road construction to housing for slum dwellers.
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