Message from NLIU- Bhopal on Internal Committee on Sexual harassment in colleges and Universities

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Bhopal: The National Law Institute University (NLIU) in the State capital organised a consultative meeting on “The working of Internal Committee in Higher Educational Institutions” with Ms. Shyamala S. Kundar, Member National Commission for Women (NCW) on Tuesday 9 February 2021.

The meeting, held at the Convention Centre of the University, was attended by the members of Internal Committee of NLIU, Barkatullah University and Jagaran Lakecity University besides the Dean and Registrar of NLIU, Bhopal.

Ms Shymala underscored the importance of having an Internal Committee in every educational institution and said there should be strict compliance of Vishakha guidelines in all Higher Education Institutions.

The Vishaka Guidelines were a set of procedural guidelines for use in India in cases of sexual harassment. They were promulgated by the Supreme Court of India in 1997 and were superseded in 2013 by the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

Ms Shymala went on to emphasise that the Internal Committee should conduct periodic sensitisation programmes for both teaching, non-teaching staff and students of the University. Such programmes must lay emphasis on providing conceptual clarity on ‘sexual harassment’, ‘workplace’, ‘employer’, ‘Internal Committee’, and ‘Local Complaints Committee’. It should also focus on gaining the trust of students making them come forward to lodge complaints before the IC in the event of any sexual harassment experienced by them. She highlighted the importance of informing the parents of the student/s about any such incident in the event of a student lodging a complaint before the IC. She also told the gathering about the decision of the National Commission for Women to send a letter addressed to the Government of Madhya Pradesh about the strict compliance of Vishakha guidelines and working of the Internal Committee in every College and University with immediate effect.

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