When they gave us Independence, they bequeathed us Macaulay’s children to rule us

Tapan Misra

Thomas Macaulay played a major role in the introduction of English and western concepts to education in India

Lessons from history: More things change, more they remain the same

They came as merchants to buy costly cloths, spices, minerals, diamonds from prosperous Indians. Over time, they became masters, we became their colony, Indian economy nosedived. From producers of Indian muslins – handwoven of extremely fine handspun yarns – we became importers of textile from Manchester. Our looms were destroyed, weavers had their thumbs cut so that we never rise again.

Our poor villagers were pushed into anchored ships, cheek by jowl, to spend the rest of their lives as indentured labourers, toiling in inhuman conditions in sugar cane fields of far away Fiji, Caribbean and Indian Ocean islands.

Bengali and Bihari farmers were forced to cultivate Indigo, abandoning their age old practice of paddy cultivation, which would whiten the clothes produced in Manchester. While their clothes got a new found shine, the poor Indians had to go through periodic bouts of famine and hunger.

The first East India Company ship lands in Surat 1608

They brought railways, built ports and road networks – only to haul the raw material from the hinterland to ships in oceans, stripping us of our resources and blighting our future generations. Our raw material fed booming industries in their countries and lined up the coffers of their aristocrats with earnings from London stock exchange.

They improvised upon Todarmal’s tax collection and the Moghul Mansabdari system and the age old Jamindari system to create a class of rich and debauched native aristocrats, thereby reducing the proud landowning farmers, whose status was much different from the manorial tillers under the medieval feudal Europe or the slave labourers of the ancient Roman latifundia, to share croppers, living at subsistence level and in abject poverty.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, From Hindu Kush to Arakan mountains, proud defenders of ancient land, fell head over heels, to lead a life of glorified subjugation as princely states.

Our bright boys and girls were given English education to provide administrative manpower to oil the wheels of the British Empire’s Juggernaut. They were educated and at the same time brainwashed into feeling shy of their origin. They were as half-baked as their uncomfortable attire that was suitable for cold climates, and to top it, also carried a contrived accent.

Partition of India August 1947 – the great holocaust

In untold holocaust, over a decade following India’s first war for Independence in 1857, 10 million Indian soldiers and their sympathizers were butchered in planned manner by their soldiers and their Indian hirelings.

Our able bodied youth were made to fight their wars in alien and inhospitable lands, sometimes barefooted. In the two World wars, we gave 5 million youths as volunteers (sic). Of them 2,00,000 did not return. There is no record of those who were wounded or incapacitated.

They used Indian soldiers to massacre their counterparts from Subhas Bose’s INA. 2000+ INA POWs were massacred in Nilganj camp on a gruesome night of September 1945, by Madras Regiment soldiers, led by Captain E R R Menon. Over 200 Indian sailors were shot during the “Navy Mutiny” of 1946.

Bengal famine: Photo courtesy Saktishree DM/Flickr

Our agriculture produce was forcibly taken away during World War – II to create a surplus stock in their land, leading to one of the worst famines in history – the Bengal famine of 1943. Three million Bengalis were devoured by hunger and animals made feast of their carcasses. Decades later they established poverty research institutes to whitewash their guilt with new interpretations of the origin of famines with novel economic theories!

They were forced to leave unwillingly, not before driving a festering wedge in our heart and leaving about 2 million dead and 10 to 20 million displaced, in history’s worst mayhem.

In last seven decades since Independence, their masks have evolved to more sophistry but genes remain unaltered. From their experiences of more than four centuries, they have mastered the art of creating and managing their colonies directly or by proxy.

When they gave us Independence, they bequeathed us Macaulay’s children, “a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect”, to represent and farther their interests in absentia, in the new era. These blessed ones formed the steel fence to limit the ambitions and dreams of hoi polloi to the extent as dictated by them.

We must understand that there will be resistance by them for India growing beyond a perimeter, as per their desire, that is:

  • India with its large population, ideally be treated as a market for products rolled out by their industries.
  • India should be encouraged to part with raw material so that they could convert it to white goods and sell it back at prices, many times higher.
  • India’s development and economy should be modulated so that India’s ability to absorb products is sufficient enough to match “their” production capability.
  • India should not be allowed to develop knowledge, technology and science to the extent that in future it becomes their competitor.
  • India should progress only up to a certain level to enable the Indian citizens absorb their products.

So they put their desi comrades at crucial decision making levels of our research, other public institutions and academia so that we progress in scientific world only at the pace, dictated by them. They have perfected the art of exorcising capable people out of our institutions and push up inferior minds through ladders of power, enfeebling our prime institutions over time. They have ensured our research based jobs and opportunities and also award systems are tweaked and rigged in favor of mediocrity.

They seek after our bright minds to innovate in their countries and to run their institutions and industries. So they infiltrated our academic institutions with their soulmates to lure away the bright minds.

They have mastered the art of ruling a country with the natives, fiercely loyal to them, more British than the British. They have perfected the art of mass manipulation of intellectual minds so that they start hating their origins and long for “their way of life and culture”.

They have created and nurtured a vast pool of their constituencies in our country and also our brethren living in their country. They know when to trigger their constituency to subvert India’s political machinery to do their bidding.

They know how to wear masks of civilized culture while they do everything to subjugate the body and soul of a nation.

New York Stock Exchange

At the end of the day, commerce and trade are central to all their dealings with us, as it ensures perpetuation of supremacy of their civilisation. Their political and military prowess are subservient to their priority of commerce. But they never hesitate to clothe their hidden agenda with platitudes of queer concepts global village, skewed notions of human rights and so many contrived ideologies.

Tapan Misra, the author, is a distinguished scientist who has headed India’s Space Application Centre. In the words of another distinguished scientist NS Pillai, “he became the pillar of ISRO’s systems division when he brought a great insight into the complex Synthetic Aperture Radar technology and helped Space Applications Centre, ISRO to become a pioneer in this advanced technology.”

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