Senior RSS leader’s hard hitting message to Narendra Singh Tomar on farmers’ issue

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Bhopal: Senior RSS leader and former MP Raghunandan Sharma in a hard hitting post on a social media platform targetting Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar has said that he should not fritter away the people’s mandate by forcibly trying to help the farmers when they do not want to be helped.

In a facebook post directly addressing the Union Agriculture Minister ahead of the 6 January nationwide strike by farmers protesting against the new farm laws introduced by the Modi Government to free the farmers from the clutches of middlemen and integrate the agriculture sector with the global and expanding market economy , the senior RSS leader wrote:

“Dear Narendra ji, you are an associate and partner in the governance of India. Thousands of nationalists have spent their lives and youth for the formation of the nationalist government at the Centre. For the last 100 years, the youth have sacrificed their all and have worked hard with full devotion to serve the motherland and spread the message that national interest is supreme. You are living in the world of false belief, if you think the power you have got today is the result of your hard work. When a person gets intoxicated by power, it does not show like a river, mountain or tree, it remains invisible as it has gone to your head. Why are you bent upon losing the rare mandate? It is not in line with our ideology to follow and implement the rotten policies of the Congress party. With each drop we waste, the pot gets empty and that’s exactly what happens with people’s mandate. What you are thinking may be in the best interest of the farmers, but if no one wants to be helped, why are you bent upon forcing your way to help them. If someone wants to go naked, why force him to wear clothes? Use your constitutional powers to strengthen nationalism, so that we don’t have to regret it later. One hopes that you must have understood the idea of securing the future of our ideology.”

Raghunandan Sharma lashes out at Sharad Pawar

After Bharat Ratna and globally acclaimed cricketer Sachin Tendulkar came out openly in support of the new farm laws pinning down international vested interest groups and so-called celebrities that made a futile bid using Twitter to defame India on the farmers’ issue, it is not only Congressmen but also NCP chief Sharad Pawar, who have made the famous cricketer a target of their attack.

Senior RSS leader from Madhya Pradesh Raghunandan Sharma has lashed out at Pawar on the social media. He wrote on facebook on Sunday 7 February: “Mr. Sharad Pawar, I do not understand what has happened to you? The man who left his party on the issue of foreigners and formed the Nationalist Congress party is now raising his finger at a nationalist (deshbhakt) like Sachin Tendulkar? That too,  when he is protecting the country’s  sovereignty and challenging international vested interest groups and anti-India forces. The country is spitting on you.”

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