Remembering Mahatma Gandhi

Ram Ramkumar

Mahatma Gandhi died heartbroken at the violence that engulfed India at partition. For all his faults, he galvanized India in the struggle for Independence. What a monster the party he once led has now become!  By debauched manipulators who have appropriated even his name!  Even in this age of shameless cynicism, the sight of Congressmen at Rajghat grates the soul.

Gandhi has become an overused totemic symbol for every politician in India. Rahul Gandhi and the opposition are pushing India inexorably towards anarchy.

The end of this dark tunnel will not be light but fascism. We already have a Congress inspired regime in Maharashtra that could be described as semi-fascist.The frequent resort to street violence by the opposition, especially what was witnessed on Republic Day, is reminiscent of Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

“Truth stands, even if there be no public support” says Rahul Gandhi quoting MK Gandhi, even while his “chamchas” like Tharoor and Surjewalla were caught posting incendiary fake news which may have caused more violence. That they deleted them subsequently is telling. And today, Rahul’s warning that farmer protests will spread across the nation is seen by some as an open call for violence.

Ram Ramkumar, the author, is in the US since 1986, now in Seattle. He is a JNU alumnus and works as a consultant at Microsoft. He visits India regularly and follows Indian politics closely. Formerly he was with SBI (Bhopal Circle), RBI Madras, Federal Reserve Board Washington (bank analyst). His father was a 3-term Congress MP from Madras, and a close associate of Kamaraj. It is his firm conviction that Prime Minister Modi is the best hope for India for the foreseeable future.

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