Devas case and the nadir of journalism

Lalit Shastri

The opinion piece titled Devas does not deserve such harsh treatment published on, with no identified author, points to the nadir or the utter depth to which journalism can fall. This opinion piece by Livemint appears to be planted by the Devas functionaries and their allies angling for the moolah and deserves to be trashed as Livemint has amply demonstrated through this writeup that it has zero regard for rule of law and has made a futile bid to defend a company that’s been investigated by Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and booked for fraud and criminal conduct. Look at the mindless argument – “Bullying Devas could deter private investment in India”. Mint, published by HT Media, seems to be under the false notion that people who matter are too naive to understand the plot. There has been enough of fudging, enough of smokescreen to cover fraud, conspiracy and criminal conduct – a scenario associated with the Congress ecosystem that permitted loot and loss to the exchequer. Those who have continued to flourish under this system should know that now the narrative has changed and it is time to call the bluff and make the wayward, the corrupt and those who leave the path of rectitude accountable.

For a total perspective check NCLT admits petition for winding up of Devas with all attached hyperlinks


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