ISRO and the mysterious men: Top scientist who was poisoned breaks silence

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Tapan Misra, the distinguished scientist, who could have been the ISRO chief had it not been for the double extension granted to K. Sivan, has opened the pandora’s box by revealing how he was poisoned – not once but twice – by some mysterious men obviously wanting to eliminate him and thwart the progress of India’s space programme.

The distinguished scientist has also put the spotlight on the mysterious circumstances in which a couple of top scientists have died in the past. Misra wants the guilty to be identified and punished.

Within days of raising the issue of the “mysterious” men, who wanted to finish him, the top ISRO scientist has underscored through his latest post on facebook that his revelation will sensitise the society. The best way to save India’s bright minds is to put up constant vigil for “these characters and their machinations”, he has observed.

We are reproducing Misra’s facebook post:

“When you barely manage to return from the toll gate leading to the abode of Yamaraja, not once but twice, all those positions, ornamentation, awards etc., all those barometers of social and professional achievements, hold little meaning. My motivation was to open out harsh truths, which we tend to push under carpet, which we relegate to cemetery of silence, lest our vanity and pride crumble. I hope this revelation will sensitise the society, polity and most abused community of intellectuals, so that we prevent similar misfortunes to descend on unsuspecting bright minds, who left the temptations of lucres of distant shores to contribute their mites for betterment of our country. These mysterious men are like mythical Maya mrigas, difficult to identify from the feigned demeanor. They are very capable of unleashing troll armies, plant mischievous press reports and spread insinuations. I have understood that they have tremendous resources, both men and money, at their disposals. The best way to save our bright minds is to put up constant vigil for these characters and their machinations.”

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