After unprecedented breach of Capitol by Trump supporters, Biden certified as the next President of the US

Newsroom24x7 Network

Washington DC: US Vice President Mike Pence officially certified the election of Biden as the next president of the United States.

“you did not win” – with these words Pence blasted the Trump supporters.

Wednesday, hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed and breached the US Capitol – for the first time after 1814. They broke windows and wrecked havoc in an attempt to stop the Congress from taking a final call regarding the final outcome of the US presidential election. Order was restored and the Capitol was secured but not before 4 persons were killed, including a woman who was shot dead. There was an armed standoff at 4 pm right in front of the House entrance on Wednesday.

House proceedings resumed by 8 pm when lawmakers began returning after the Capitol building was secured and began counting the votes in the Electoral College.

President Donald Trump finally gave up his rebellious posture, and agreed for a smooth transition in the wake of a string of resignations from those in administration.

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