Let’s Debate: Farmers and Global Reset

Rajiv Lochan

There should be no fear of any global reset. The belief that big corporates will take over etc. has no bases on the ground. At the same time, the services that are needed in present times for civilised living can only be provided by corporate enterprises. No individual can run a telephone system of the kind that you need today. No government can run large scale services of the sort that we expect for civilised living.

Corporates are at the heart of the global citizen who believes in equality of all and freedom for all. Remove the corporate, big or small, and within a few weeks humans will be reduced to warring tribes in which only one or two persons per tribe have any freedom. Would love to hear any other view on how the future would be/ could be/ should be.

Think of left parties. In india and elsewhere. They are little more than tribal gangs. Anyone who holds a slightly different view is dealt with roughly; put to death even. They have failed to create even a single asset anywhere which can be used by anyone other than the privileged few. In contrast look at corporate giants like Larsen and Tubro. Fully funded by its own workers. Working single mindedly to create value for all irrespective of social origins or status. Ditto other big corporates.

On farmers

Irrespective of whether the laws (the new farm laws introduced by the Modi government) are allowed to exist or are dissolved, the farmer, in the present form, is on the death bed. That is what I have been writing for the last one year. Earlier, I have written of how the small farmer is important for our economy. But not this small farmer who is committed to archaic kind of farming. Rather the small farmer who does farming in conjunction with industry. That by the way, is true even today. Only that farmer survives. who has a jod dhanda. The rest simply lead a life of scrounging.

Rajiv Lochan is a scholar-historian, author and a popular columnist

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