Release the Ssala as a metaphor for the Indian System of Justice

Rajiv Lochan

Click for News published by The Tribune and read right here ūüĎá a related piece by historian-scholar Rajiv Lochan – its opinion rooted to the ground backed with rustic and popular wisdom.

The honourable ones are at it again. Much to the glee of sundry ssalas.

It takes a lot of gumption and wisdom, a very strong belief in your ability to push a bull through a keyhole. The honourable judges of India have it. That is why Indians continue to address them with words like ‘Honourable’, ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Honour’. If the judges don’t mean it, neither do Indians. With this particular decision hundreds of very rich and extremely privileged people will get to enjoy their ill-gotten gains, obtained through absolute hanky panky with rules and regulations, at least till such time that another slew of judges restarts the process of taking these gains away. Reminds me of the popular song of Shri 420 (Mr. 420), “Dil ka Haal Sune Dilwala. Chhoti si Baat na Mirch Masala”, he says as he explains how once he was arrested and released. “Booddhe daroga ne chashme se dekha, aage se dekha peeche se dekha, upar se dekha neeche se dekha” (the daroga/inspector was behaving like a judge), “bole ye kya kar baithe ghotala” (What mistake have you done), he rebuked the police. “Ye to hai thanedar ka ssala”. This one, whom you have arrested, he is a misbegotten one but connected to powerful people. Release him immediately.

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