Tharoor at it again

Ram Ramkumar

image courtesy facebook

Pretty Boy Tharoor of cattle class fame is at it again!

So the second campus of TVM RGCB is to be named ‘Shri Guruji Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar National Centre for Complex Disease in Cancer and Viral Infection’! What is MSG’s contribution to science other than promoting the disease of communalism?” Tharoor tweeted.

Has he heard of the Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics in Bangalore? Was Sanjay a closet orthopedic genius? Or is that to honor Sanjay for the trauma he inflicted on thousands of poor Muslims in Turkmangate? For unleashing the police to rain lathis on the bones of JNU hostellers and the public? Shouldn’t the institute be more aptly renamed after the late JNU’ite and MP DPTripathi who was almost blinded due to MISA detention beatings?

Was Sanjay an expert in dairy science? Why do we have a Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology in Patna? Rabri Devi Institute may have been OK, she was known to milk cows even while she was the chief minister!

But then, Tharoor is the genius who said India’s land more rightly belongs to the Muslims, more than the Hindus, as their interred bones occupy more Indian soil! And this joker is one of their bright stars. One day (2044?) we may have a Rahul Gandhi Institute of Rocket Science!

Parting shot: Looks like Tharoor self certifies himself, in no uncertain terms, as a bigot, fool, and slave all rolled into an insufferably pompous ass!

We have reproduced this post, first published on facebook.

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