S Ramakrishnan: The leading space scientist who always maintained his class and steered clear of smallness

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S Ramakrishnan

In this World of ours that’s full of dwarfs, every great person should be admired, adored and seen as a beacon of light. On the demise of world acclaimed rocket scientist, S Ramakrishnan, former Director, VSSC and LPSC, ISRO, we are publishing glowing tributes offered to the trailblazing scientist on social media by Tapan Misra, another leading space scientist, whose contribution to space research, Indian space programme and ISRO will always be written in golden letters.

“Shri S Ramakrishnan Sir, former Director, VSSC and LPSC, ISRO left this mortal world today as quietly as he used to be. Very gentle soul and upright person. Very rare in today’s world. He always maintained his class and steered clear of smallness, to which many eagerly jump into.

He was widely respected nationally and internationally as an accomplished rocket scientist. I first interacted with him in 1999 during the launch of IRS P4, which later was rechristened as Oceansat-1. He was the Project Director, PSLV for this mission. I was fortunate to serve with him in many recruitment, design review and promotion committees. He impressed me with his wide breadth of knowledge, which he was eager to share. He was also known for his straight forward opinions and quiet firmness about his convictions. Notwithstanding his quiet demeanor, nobody can miss his warmth while interacting with him. My sincere condolences to his bereaved family. May God bless the departed soul with eternal peace.” Om Shanti.🙏🙏🙏

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