Disbursement of loans to women self-help groups during COVID-19: Madhya Pradesh breaks all time record

Manoj Shrivastava, IAS

Bhopal: Monday, 23 november 2020, was the day of distribution of loans to women self-help groups by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The distribution of loans to women self help groups in this Corona period was more than four times the previous year, while in April and May this year banks were not available for this work. Last year till date, Rs 120 crore were disbursed as loan. The total amount distributed as loan till Monday morning is Rs 516 crore. The loan distributed all day long on Monday would increase the total figure. Last year till date, loan applications for loans to the tune of Rs 496 crore were handled by the bank, this year for Rs 1758 crore. In fact, cases dealt in a single day on Monday was more than what was distributed in an entire year.

COVID-19 has pulled us out of the rut. The more difficulty you have faced, the more determined you are. This nation has come a long way as far as its civilization is concerned. Those who tried to destroy it have perished. One is reminded of Alexander Duma’s famous line from “The Three Musketeers”.The spirit of these women can be defined with these words — “the merit of all things lies in difficulty”.

Manoj Shrivastava is Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh. What we have published here is the English translation of his original post on facebook.

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