Lord Ganesha as chocolate is sacrilege: Sanatan Mission

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There is a craft chocolate company in the US that has hurt the sentiments of the followers of the Sanatan Dharma or the billion plus Hindus in India and the followers of the oldest religion across the world.

The company in question is Dwaar Chocolate – a craft chocolate company operating out of Metro Detroit, Michigan in the US. It boasts of “handmade bean to bar chocolate” and flavors from around the world. This company has crossed limits by producing and marketing a specially crafted chocolate by giving it the shape of Lord Ganesha.

The idol of Lord Ganesha, the most revered and leading Hindu deity, is worshipped by the Hindus and for the devotees it is nothing but sacrilege to note that the “Hindu god Ganesha, rendered in dark chocolate by Dwaar Chocolates, of East Township, Mich. (as reported by New York Times) is being marketed online and is available to be devoured by chocolate lovers.

Lord Ganesha made of chocolate can neither be associated with “Bhog” or “Prasadam” or food offered to the deity. Eating Lord Ganesha made of chocolate is nothing but insulting the God – Guru Lalitendra, founder President Sanatan Mission

Founder of Sanatan Mission, Lalit Shastri has taken strong exception to the US company now selling Lord Ganesha made of dark chocolate. Lalit Shastri, who is popular among his followers as Guru Lalitendra, announced ahead of Diwali, on Thursday 12 November 2020 that his organisation is going to slap a law suit against the US company that has indulged in a practice that amounts to hurting the religious sentiments of the devout Hindus. Sanatan Mission would be taking legal steps for punitive damages to ensure no company or person is able to offend the faith and religious sentiments of others in future in this manner.

Guru Lalitendra said all should desist from reducing God’s into eatables. He went on to explain the logic behind “Ganesh Visarjan” saying there is a deep philosophy and a glorious tradition linked with this religious practice. Explaining the symbolism behind the immersion of Lord Ganesha’s idol in sea, river or water bodies, he said the immersion of the clay idol of Lord Ganesha is a celebration of life. It symbolises the life cycle and continuity of our existence.

Guru Lalitendra also underscored that eating Lord Ganesha made of chocolate can neither be associated with “Bhog” or “Prasadam” or food offered to the deity. Eating Lord Ganesha made of chocolate is nothing but insulting the God, he asserted.

On scanning digital media, it has been found by Sanatan mission that there are several persons in India, who are also engaged in making and promoting Chocolate Ganesha. There are also online shopping platforms like Amazon selling “Ganesha GOD Shaped PVC Chocolate Mould”. Sanatan Mission will seek legal remedy to clamp a ban on this, announced Guru Lalitendra.

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