Arnab Goswami case: Landmark observations by Supreme Court of India in matter of personal liberty

Lalit Shastri

Justice at last: I’m delighted by the observations of Justice DY Chandrachud in Supreme Court on Wednesday 11 November 2020 in the Arnab Goswami case. He has made landmark observations in favour of personal liberty and freedom of expression. The apex Court has rightly pointed to the failure on the part of the High Court of Bombay when it came to addressing the issue.

There has to be active incitement and encouragement (In the matter of abetment to suicide)

We are travelling on the path of destruction if we don’t interfere today

Our democracy is extraordinarily resilient. Governments must ignore all this. This is not the basis on which elections are fought

Can’t deny bail on technical grounds. This is not a case of terrorism.

Newsroom24x7 has a message for those equating Goswami’s arrest with the arrest of a few in Uttar Pradesh, who were strutting around as journalists, have links with PFI and are accused of anti-national activities. They should see reason and desist from drawing a parallel or any kind of analogy because if they do so they would be inviting rebuke and criticism based on facts.

Also check: Breaking News: Supreme Court grants bail to Arnab Goswami

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