Please tell people of India my life is under threat: Arnab Goswami

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Mumbai: In the morning on Sunday 8 November 2020, Arnab Goswami, the Editor-in-chief of Republic TV, who has spent 4 nights in judicial custody, was repeatedly saying ‘my life is under threat’ while being dragged and taken by the Maharashtra Police in a blacked-out police van to Taloja Jail.

Arnab, who was being taken from the quarantine centre in Alibag to Taloja jail on Sunday, has appealed to the Supreme Court of India to grant him bail.

In a statement, Arnab’s wife and Senior Executive Editor of Republic TV, Samyabrata Ray Goswami, said that the jailer had assaulted him after he asked for access to his lawyers, which was shockingly denied.

She has further stated:

“He detailed the assault being inflicted on him during this custody and pleaded, hands folded, to the Supreme Court of India for intervention and bail. An innocent man and journalist of decades of repute, a journalist doing his duty for the nation, has been assaulted, harassed and framed on fake charges. He has been thrown into jail with no reprieve. The state machinery has turned into a handmaiden for politically motivated aggression and the pillars of democracy cannot be spectators to the grave and brazen human rights abuses and state excesses deployed against a citizen in the state of Maharashtra by state machinery.

In the state of Maharashtra, institutions meant to safeguard law and order have become violators and assaulters in uniform. Fundamental rights are being trampled upon, due process is witnessing an egregious breakdown and institutional integrity is endangered like never before. My husband, the Editor-in-Chief of the leading news network in the country, has become subject to assault, physical harm, illegal arrest and all of this despite being in clear public sight, has not been met with any intervention.

With Arnab publicly disclosing the threat to his life and the atrocities he is facing in custody, the law and order officers and the entire state and national machinery will be held responsible if any harm is inflicted upon my husband.

I humbly appeal to the institutions that still hold truth to power and stand tall as a pillar of our great democracy to take note of the gross abuse and misuse of power at play to punish a journalist who demanded accountability precedent is being set today for our democracy. I turn to the great institutions with hope that those in power will not remain blind or mute to the atrocity on one man, one citizen, one journalist, one news network and the free press at large, anymore.

My life is under threat. My life is under threat. Not being allowed to speak to lawyers. They assaulted me this morning. Woke me up at 6 am, said I can’t speak to my lawyers. Please tell people of India my life is under threat – ARNAB GOSWAMI

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