Prime Minister Narendra Modi praises Farmkart

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In Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister has praised Farmkart’s efforts in agricultural innovation during COVID lockdown

Barwani (Madhya Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised, in the 70th episode of Mann ki Baat, the work of Farm Innovation, by agricultural innovation solutions company Farmkart, operating from Barwani and the efforts made by it in the interest of farmers in the COVID lockdown period.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address, “Atul Patidar has digitally connected 4,000 farmers of his region in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. These farmers are getting home delivery of agricultural goods such as manure, seeds, pesticides etc. through Atul Patidar’s e-platform Farmkart. Now farmers are getting the things they need at home. Modern agricultural equipment is also available on rent on this digital platform. Thousands of packets were distributed to farmers through this digital platform during lockdown, which also included cotton and vegetable seeds.

On this appreciation of Farmkart, Founder and CEO Atul Patidar said, “It means a lot to us that the Prime Minister has appreciated the technological innovation solutions and efforts of Farmkart. I am deeply grateful to the Prime Minister for the encouragement of Farmkart and its team. The mention of Farmkart in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ has infused a new power in our team, which will inspire us to do better in times to come. “

Young entrepreneur Atul Patidar hails from a peasant family of Barwani, who started Farmkart a few years ago with some of his colleagues living in Canada to make the lives of farmers accessible and easy. Atul has received 6 postgraduate degrees from the best universities in the world and has also worked for many renowned companies such as Samsung and Ford.

At present, more than seven hundred international level products and every important information related to farming are available to rural farmers through Farmkart’s online platform. Recently, Farmkart has also launched an e-commerce application for agricultural products and services. It is the country’s first comprehensive platform in terms of agriculture. The seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation resources of reliable national and international level companies are available on Farmkart’s online platform. Farmkart’s main office is located in Barwani Madhya Pradesh and the company’s strategy teams are in Toronto Canada.

At present, Farmkart through its e-commerce platform is taking advantage of the products and services delivered by Farmkart to 150,000 farmers in about 1,200 locations in Madhya Pradesh.

Farmkart dreams that every farmer in the country should be online. To realize this, the company is also planning to expand very soon. In the next one year, the company wants to expand nationwide. The company aims to reach farmers at around 100,000 locations across the country by the end of 2019. The expansion plan will also include new employment in India, especially in rural areas.

According to Farmkart Chairman Anoop Mandloi, “We are looking for educated youth who want to take advantage of employment in rural India as an opportunity.” For this, the company is also participating in the placement process of institutions like IIM and Symbiosis.

The company’s expansion plan also includes the expansion of agricultural advice or consultancy services. For this, Farmkart will also launch Agri-Nidan app. Through this, Farmkart wants to democratize agro-consultancy. When this happens, the Agri-Nidan app will enable farmers to take advice from well-known agricultural experts around the world.

Currently, Farmkart is also planning to launch a separate app Rent4Farm service. This platform will connect farmers with certified suppliers of agricultural equipment.

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