Active antenna of RISAT SAR: Webinar on Near Field antenna pattern measurement

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Jammu/Ahmedabad/Bengaluru: A webinar has been organized jointly by IEEE MTT-s and IIT Jammu on the unique time gated Near Field antenna pattern measurement system built, completely in house to measure Active Antenna of RISAT SAR. 

This test set up has already been patented, said Distinguished Department of Space Scientist former head of Space Application Centre Tapan Misra. He feels proud that this set up is a very significant contribution from Indians to antenna science.

What is indeed satisfying according to Misra is that RISAT SAR itself doubled up as self measuring instrument. In this regard, he further observed, it is like worshipping the Goddess Ganga with water from Ganga river itself, as they say in Bengali. Everybody used to be surprised that RISAT SAR, one of the most complex microwave system built in india, was being tested without a measuring instrument anywhere in the vicinity, he said adding this unique test set up was born out of a paranoia that a fleeting leakage of 230 V AC leakage from any instrument was enough to burn the SAR, built with 1400 subsystems, which included 314 computers.

Currently Misra is serving as a Member of Senate of the fledgling yet vibrant IIT Jammu.

Those interested can register with the zoom link below. This subject is fascinating as both antenna and signal processing are intertwined.


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