Mumbai Police trying to muzzle the voice of free media: Republic Media

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Mumbai: Republic Media Network has accused the Mumbai Police, led by Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, of achieving “a new global feat of state machinery trying to muzzle the voice of the free media”.

The Republic Media Network in a statement on Friday 23 October said it is “shocked to learn that the Mumbai Police has now registered an FIR against the entire Editorial Staff of Republic Media Network”.

The press statement by Republic Media says:

In a brazen abuse of office, the Mumbai Police has booked the “Editorial staff and Newsroom Incharge for the concerned report getting aired and others” at the Republic Media Network. This comes as the most grave attack on the freedom of press safeguarded under Article 19 (1)(a) of the Constitution of India. This booking of all journalists of a news media organisation, left unchecked will have a chilling effect on democracy, especially within the state of Maharashtra.

While Param Bir Singh may be cornered and uncomfortable with the fact that his elaborately crafted lies against Republic are falling apart before the people of India in the face of the truth and real facts, he seems to be using that as a basis for undertaking his large-scale witch-hunt against Republic Media Network’s journalists. Republic’s Editorial staff stands together and in firm opposition to the intimidation tactics deployed by the Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police.

Never before has the entire editorial team of a media organisation been booked in one FIR, because one Mumbai Police Commissioner is out with a vendetta campaign against the Network. Our 600 member strong editorial staff stands united in putting out facts and doing its reportage without fear or favour. We will never-ever succumb to pressure tactics, from Param Bir Singh or anyone else.

Journalists are being targeted for exposing the misdeeds of the Mumbai Police Commissioner. The Republic Media Network and its members are being harassed for not revealing their journalistic sources. Every single member of Republic Media Network is more strongly resolved than ever before to fight and win against this vicious campaign by the Maharashtra state machinery against our journalists.

We will abide by our duty as the fourth pillar of democracy, even as the Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police seems to have lost control of law, constitutionality, and rationality.

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