Tanishq stands exposed after nationwide furore over advertisment

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In the wake of widespread protest from the majority Hindus, Tanishq, a jewellery group owned by the Tata Group, was left with no option but to withdraw a just released advertisement featuring a pregnant Hindu woman all decked up for baby shower in a Muslim household.

A vast Hindu population is annoyed as they are seeing the Tanishq Advertisement as part of a diabolic conspiracy to promote and institutionalise inter-faith marriage between Hindus and Muslims. Tanishq says that the idea behind their Ekatvam campaign is to celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life, local communities and families during these challenging times and celebrate the beauty of oneness. While withdrawing the questionable ad, they have stated: “We are deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions and withdraw this film keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well being of our employees, partners and store staff.”

Film actor Kangana Ranaut is one with the sentiments of the Hindus and has lashed out at Tanishq. She tweeted: “As Hindus we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting in to our subconscious, we must scrutinise, debate and evaluate what is the outcome of any perception that is fed to us, this is the only way to save our civilisation.”

A former Bureaucrat, who is a JNU alumnus, has made a scathing observation on fb in this matter. He writes: The apology issued by Tanishq mentions ‘inadvertent stirring of emotions’. If one were to read last one year’s social media posts of the key players who have produced the advertisement and juxtapose them with the canard being spread by players like NDTV, The Wire, Indian Express, et al, the inescapable conclusion is that the advertisement was a well thought out conspiracy of the Macaulian-Mullah-Marxist cabal. The latter was sure that such an advertisement would stir emotions, which can be used to affirm its invention of the rise of Hindu fundamentalism in the Modi regime, and also to malign the Hindus.

Tanishq apology is a falsehood to cover the larger conspiracy hatched by the Macaulian-Mullah-Marxist cabal.

Boycott of Republic TV by pro congress industrial houses also clearly indicates.. they want to suppress raising voices.”

The former Bureaucrat’s concern got validated when someone from the cabal went ahead and tweeted: “It was only late last week that popular jewellry group – Tanishq – owned by the Tata Group – released an ad-film featuring an inter-religious baby shower. Yesterday, Tanishq pulled their ad back following online backlash (by) Hindu Right-wingers.

Another voice on facebook: “India just saw a historical protest by the right wingers. Rationale about the protest can have different views, but what is impressive is the way this protest was carried out. A protest through messaging, writing posts, making calls and rejecting an appeasing fiction through firm statements. The result was a humongous success. This creates a benchmark of peaceful protest, a civilised one and a safe one. This will remain as a citing example of how to practice democratic rights. Leaves a beautiful message of unity among the sane citizens of New India. NDTV keep trying your luck with your followers who does better job when it comes to damaging national properties and lives, and playing victim cards later.”

One cannot forget that those behind the Tanishq advertisement are not only the members of a creative team but also the Tanishq management that okayed it. The ad is just as diabolic as the meat and livestock Australia (MLA) ad that showed Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Thor, Zeus and others seated at a table enjoying meat. One is drawing an analogy between the Tanishq and the MLA Ads as both have rattled people’s emotions and generated common ire.

The Tanishq ad is being viewed as an assault on the cultural ethos and sensibilities of the majority Hindu community. The deviant and hugely erring company’s observation that there has been inadvertent stirring of emotions is nothing but an attempt to play with words only to squeeze out of the current situation.

TV channels like NDTV and some other media groups are part of the same cabal and mindset that created the controversial ad. The breaking news below is only a narrative that can be churned out by NDTV.

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