Motorsport: Akhil Rabindra finishes fourth in Race 1 at Magny-Cours

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New Delhi: India’s Akhil Rabindra along with French driver G.Vannelet ,driving an Aston Martin Vantage AMR finished fourth at the Magny-Cours in the Championnat de France FFSA GT this weekend.

Akhil ,the only Asian to seal a spot in the Aston Martin Driver’s Academy this year, had a decent outing in the qualifying races putting up a positive show in the Pro-Am category in the first race of the day before suffering the mechanical failure in the following race.

Rabindra and Vannelet having logged their best time of 1:46.456 mins, finished fourth in the Pro-Am category at the qualifying Race 1 yesterday. They improved their timing to 1:46.324 mins in the qualifying race 2 only to see themselves slip to the eighth spot in their respective category.

The Indo-French duo, who were driving the car No. 69, started the raceday where they left on Saturday. They pulled off a bright start to finish fourth in the first race in their category. Not only that but also they clocked 1:00:36.158 hrs to finish ninth overall.

In the Pro-Am category, F.Michal and G.Guilvert, who were behind the wheels of an Audi R8 LMS, took the chequered flag at 1:00:22.859 hrs.

In the second race of the day, Rabindra and his co-driver started strongly to acquire P7 before suffering a mechanical failure resulting in an early retirement from the race.

“Obviously we are disappointed with the result this weekend. No one loves to face a mechanical failure to not to finish the race. The technical team put in a terrific effort day in and day out but you can’t predict a mechanical failure beforehand. We need to put this result behind soon to focus on the next race. The team has great potential and we’ll surely come back with a positive result,’’ Rabindra rounded off.


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