For the cause of Lord Krishna’s Braj, for the cause of Radha Krishna’s Leelabhumi

Vineet Narain

Radha-Krishna painting ca. 1730 Basohli school. from Government Museum, Chandigarh

With due respect to #Sangh Parivar, I wonder if Dr. Krishna Gopal ji or Sangh Parivar will answer my very simple and straight questions?

With due respect to #Sangh Parivar, I wonder if Dr. Krishna Gopal ji or Sangh Parivar will ever bother to answer my very simple & straight questions?

1. As you all know, Dr. Krishna Gopal ji enjoys a very high position in RSS. He is a bridge between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) & Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) He is very well educated and has done Ph.D and dedicated his life for RSS. He belongs to #Mathura. Hence he has special interest in the development of Mathura (Braj).

2. Also Ayodhya, Kashi & Mathura are on top agenda of Sangh Parivar to attract Hindus world over.

3. Obviously development of these historical religious places should have been on Sangh Parivar’s top priority since independence. Unfortunately, due to their preoccupation with social and political activities elsewhere they could not pay any attention to the pathetic plight of these three major Hindu holy cities, during the past 72 years.

4. Even during Sh. Kalyan Singh’s BJP Govt. in UP & during Vajpayee ji’s Govt. in the Center, nothing substantial or visible was done to restore the crumbling Hindu heritage of these very important cities for Hindus world over.

5. However, in Mathura (Braj) Sangh Parivar constructed two big centres with Guest Houses for their Pracharaks ; Deendayal Dham & Keshav Dham. In addition to this a huge Modern Guest House & Ashram was built for Sadhvi Ritambhara ji in #Vrindavan, on the beautiful green orchard of Udyan Vibhag (Horticulture) land of UP Govt. after cutting hundred of years old trees. Another big Ashram was built for Shri Vijay Kaushal ji Maharaj on Yamuna Bed, which is normally not allowed , as per the Environment Laws of the country, because rivers can suddenly change their course.

6. By the grace of exalted saint of Braj Bhumi H H Shri Ramesh Baba ji Maharaj of Barsana (Mathura) and also of Srila A C Bhaktivedant Swami #Prabhupad Founder Acharya of #ISKCON, whose teachings reminded me of the importance of my being a Brajwasi, I was inspired & instructed to fill this gap and take up this cause in 2002.

7. We started doing the job of restoring pristine glory of Braj through The Braj Foundation and in the past 18 years what we could achieve on ground is admired by one and all, including all saints, Brajwasis, pilgrims, industrialists, politicians, judges, officials, union cabinet ministers & PM Shri Modi ji. In fact CEO of Niti Aayog Mr. Amitabh Kant says no state Govt. in India, since independence, has been able to do so much of such high quality, in so little time, that too without Govt. funds.

The author with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Braj Foundation is doing commendable work by renovating ancient sites of religious and cultural significance -Narendra D. Modi, Prime Minister of India, 7th  March 2015

Prime Minister Narendraq Modi’s

What Braj Foundation has achieved in 15 years, against heavy odds and without Govt. funding, 80% State Tourism Departments have not been able to achieve since independence.Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, 30th March 2017

8. That is why I was appointed national advisor by the Modi Govt for his remarkable initiative of HRIDAY scheme. Besides me all other four advisors were leading architects of the country. I was the only one with no professional qualifications in this field, except a rich experience of doing this work at the ground level. In addition to this our Braj Foundation was selected (through an open tender transparent process) as City Anchor to steer the future development of Mathura.

Braj Foundation becomes City Anchor for Heritage City Plan, Hindustan, Agra, 31 May 2015

9. By the grace of The Divine Couple Shri Radha Krishna, under this scheme, we again did wonderful work of developing Vrindavan Parikrama, restoring #Yamuna Ghats in Vrindavan besides Potra Kund at Shri Krishna Janmasthan etc. Our team of highly qualified professionals from IITs and best architecture colleges of India and abroad has created masterpieces in Braj since 2005, which now attract a huge crowd everyday.

10. Our trouble started when MYogiAdityanath ji Govt. came to power in UP. Since then we are being constantly harassed and attacked by a very powerful lobby, due to it’s vested interests in plundering Mathura, in the name of Braj development. We have been almost daily highlighting (through print, TV and social media) their scams with proofs but so far all in vain.

11. Since I have lectured all over the world , after exposing the famous Jain Hawala Scam in 1993 and then the corruption of two Chief Justices of India, Hindus world over are connected to me. They wonder why I am not being heard by a Hindutva Govt. They also know how since 1989 I have promoted several Hindu causes through Kalchakra- India’s first ever independent video (TV) news magazine launched by me.

The author speaking to the media at John F Kennedy School of Governance

12. I had four personal meetings with Yogi ji. The entire PMO knows about it, Amit Shah ji assured me on the phone two years back that this mess will soon be sorted out. When nothing happened, I was told by a Union Cabinet Minister that for the development of Mathura only Dr. Krishna Gopal ji is calling the shots. So in Nov 2019 I had a two hour long personal meeting with Dr. Gopal ji also. Yet nothing has been done so far, why ?

13. Yesterday one of my Sr. IPS friend from Hyderabad sent me the following link to Dr Gopal’s lecture ;…/rss-imbibing-nationalist-spirit…

14. In the above statement Dr Krishna Gopal ji is emphasizing the need for building moral character amongst Indians.

15. My question to him & Sangh Parivar is ; then why people with moral character and proven track record are being humiliated, attacked and discouraged from serving Santan Dharma & their motherland i.e. Braj ? Why are all corrupt, immoral, inexperienced people, with no understanding of Braj, are being thrust upon Braj and allowed to destroy the Land of Shri Radha Krishna ?

16. With all humility at my command, I want to ask Sangh Parivar that during the past 72 years, how many social reformers, politicians, officials, organisations like yours, journalists & advocates have shown the moral courage to expose immorality and corruption at the topmost level of Indian political and judicial system, the way Krishna made me the instrument (nimitta) to do so, at a great personal risk of life. None so far ! So if this is not proof of morality then what are the parameters of morality in the eyes of Dr. Krishna Gopal and Sangh Parivar ?

17. The man who was appointed Chairman of Krishna Circuit by the Ministry of Tourism/GoI; Mr. Satya Prakash Mangal, is a CA, a RSS man, who has no background of such sophisticated heritage conservation work.

18. He began his Braj initiative by organising a Red Carpet Welcome before the Yogi Govt.for a well known scam master of Jaipur (under the net of ED & CBI for major financial frauds) Anup Bartariya and got him the job of developing Goverdhan Hill. When we opposed this, Satya Prakash Mangal became petitioner in NGT against us and filed all false charges to stop us from serving Braj. 

19. The judge at NGT Mr. Raghuvendra Rathor was also from Jaipur, a close associate of these people. He passed draconian orders to destroy all that we had created in Braj with our sweat and blood. Luckily the Supreme Court granted immediate stay so in two days they could only destroy Sankarshan Kund & Rudra Kund (Goverdhan) restored with the donation of Mr. Rahul Bajaj & Mr. Ajay Piramal. Shockingly the judge also ordered to paint stone plaques inscribed with the names of these two donors along with our foundation’s name. We are told that only Yavans used this to Hindus. Incidentally that judge is also closely connected with RSS and has very high regards for Dr. Krishna Gopal ji.

20. Interestingly Mr. Rathor tampered with the revenue records of Goverdhan to grab public land & temple in favour of his people. If this was not enough Satya Prakash Mangal was also appointed Independent Director in the cash rich Public Sector NHPC. We have several documentary evidence of financial scams he did there aswell. What does it prove ?

21. The other person who has been appointed the VC of newly created ‘Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Parishad’ (concept & constitution prepared by The Braj Foundation) Mr Shailja Kant Mishra, is an Ex ADGP, again with no background of such specialised heritage restoration work. Who also blindly follows the instructions of Dr. Gopal.

22. We have been writing enough about how he is messing up Braj and wasting huge public money on useless projects, with zero understanding of Braj culture and its Bhakti traditions. He in his lecture emphasizes that Krishna & Allah are both formless and non different. Worshiping the deity form of Shri Radha Krishna is, according to him, the lower level of spiritual understanding. Then what is he trying to create in Braj ? Because even Lord Krishna’s friend Uddhav ji could not convince Braj Gopis to worship formless (Niraakaar Brhma) God, so he surrendered at their Lotus feet and accepted Bhakti Marg.

23. You must have seen the video clip of the pathetic condition of hundreds of cows rottening in the high profile Gaushala established and run by Mr Mishra , with huge grants from Yogi ji, in village Raal, on Vrindavan – Goverdhan road.

24. So far Mr. Shailja Kant Mishra has violated every provision of the Act of UPBTVP to benefit corrupt contractor lobby plundering Braj in the name of Dham Sewa.

This is where we stand today vis-a-vis Lord Krishna’s Braj. What kind of morality is this ? What kind of Hindutva is this ? What is our crime ? Why are we hated so much ?

Will anybody from anywhere in the world concerned about Hindus, bother to answer these questions please ? Will you have the courage to ask these in emails to Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji, who also knows all about this unpleasant situation, since I have met him many times.

May the Divine couple shower Their causeless mercy upon you and your families. May we come out of this mess and once again decorate this pious land to welcome you with beauty all around. (on YouTube please look for Braj Foundation).

Your most humble servant dedicated to serve Shri Radha Krishna’s Leelabhumi.

[updated: 30 August 2020; 12:59 hrs]

The author, Vineet Narain, is a prominent Indian journalist, anti-corruption activist and conservator of heritage. His exposure of the 1990s Jain Hawala scandal led him to use a public interest petition to apply pressure on the Central Bureau of Investigation. The CBI was widely criticised when its prosecutions collapsed, and the Supreme Court of India in deciding the Vineet Narain Case made directions that included new supervision of the CBI by the Central Vigilance Commission. He is founder and the Chairman of The Braj Foundation, actively involved in the restoration of Braj-the land of Lord Shri Radha Krishna. Braj is the cultural area within the three districts of Mathura (UP), Bharatpur (Raj) and Palwal( Haryana) area. This 5000 years old cultural heritage, within the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, has been grossly neglected and partly destroyed.The author can be contacted at – E-mail : Also Check: &

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