Learning the art of drag-flicking is turning point of my career: Defender Gurjit Kaur

Harpal Singh Bedi

 New Delhi: Women’s Hockey Team Defender Gurjit Kaur on Monday opined that learning the art of drag-flicking properly has been the turning point of her career.

The ace defender  was part of the Silver Medal-winning team at the Asian Games 2018 and was the leading Goal scorer in  team’s winning  campaign at the Women’s Series Finals last year.

Talking to Hockey India,  Gurjit   disclosed  that learning the art of drag-flicking properly has been the turning point of her career.  “I think learning the drag-flicking technique properly has been the turning point of my career. Everyone has a role to play in a hockey team and I am very happy about putting in a lot of effort to be a good drag-flicker for our side.

” I have received a lot of support from my teammates and coaches to learn and fine-tune the art of drag-flicking as my career has progressed,” said the 24-year-old. 

Gurjit, who is now a crucial drag-flicker for the side, admitted  that she didn’t have much knowledge about the art prior to joining the Junior National Camp in 2012.”I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about drag-flicking before I joined the Junior National Camp in 2012. 

“I used to practice drag-flicking before I joined the camp, but I hadn’t learned the basics of the technique properly. When I joined the camp then only, I understood the basics of drag-flicking and I kept getting better at it during the course of my career,” said the Defender.

Asked what  has helped her become a successful athlete at the international stage, Gurjit said that consistent hard work has never let her down.

“Working hard is the most important thing for anybody to be a successful athlete. I have worked very hard on my game and therefore I am enjoying the fruits now. 

“I always train hard during practice sessions and I never give up in any situation. I will continue to put in my efforts and I am sure it will hold me in good stead throughout my career,” she added.


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