Rahul-Sachin meeting melts thaw, ends stalemate in Rajasthan

Lalit Shastri

New Delhi: For the Congress party, which was facing the heat and virtual stalemate in Rajasthan following the open revolt by Sachin Pilot, the thaw has melted after the rebel leader and former Rajastan Deputy CM had a one-on-one meeting with party leader Rahul Gandhi at his residence on Monday 10 August and both sides agreed to sink differences and okayed a formula to set the house in order.

The latest political development comes as a shot in the arm for the Congress party that was on the verge of losing its Government in Rajasthan and the outcome of the meeting between Rahul and Sachin is also face-saving for the latter who lost in the numbers game and failed in his attempt to topple the government. Sachin is shielding himself by pointing out that he had said earlier that he was not joining the BJP. Question arises has he buckled, compromised, and resigned to fate or on his part, is this move only a “one step forward and two steps backward” strategy to bury differences and strike at some later stage..

Speculations aside, this is a moment of victory for the Congress before the crucial State Assembly session. Rahul Gandhi deserves credit for clearing the mess his party was in.

The Congress General Secretary, in-charge of Rajasthan, Avinash Pandey was the perfect man on the spot, who was both firm and adept in maintaining balance and helping in keeping the doors open for dialogue with Sachin when in sharp contrast chief minister Gehlot was busy shooting his mouth off at the slightest opportunity.Of course Gehlot played an important part in keeping the flock of Congress MLAs together and insulating them from the poachers who were using every trick up their sleeve for horse trading.

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