December 6, 1992: When Indians reclaimed their temple

Rajiv Lochan

Credit: newspaper clipping from facebook

1992, Dec 6: The day when Indians reclaimed their temple that had been destroyed by an Islamic invader in 1526-27. On top of its ruins the Islamic invader built a crude mosque. Hindus were given a small alcove inside the masjid to place their idol of infant Ram – Ram lala as he was known – for this was the place where legend had it that Ram was born. The memory of Ram’s birthplace being covered up by a mosque persisted. When Mughal power waned Hindus approached the courts to demand the return of their temple. However, the British courts, and later the courts of India, prevaricated. Finally, on 6 December 1992, the leaders of the BJP reached the temple. The large mass of people accompanying them manually pulled the crude mosque structure down.

The author, Rajiv Lochan, a JNU alumnus, is a renowned historian, scholar, author and academician

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