COVID figures rolled out by Media should not scare you

Rajiv Lochan

Journalists in India are not very knowledgeable where figures and maths are concerned. They are also extremely prone to using figures in a way that is inaccurate, designed to mislead, possibly with some sinister intent. There is case in point – a TV channel report about the 24-hour period from 28 to 29 July.

The slightly more knowledgeable journalist uses the figure called a rolling average. Which too is meaningless in order to understand the spread/containment of COVID-19 or any other disease. So while the figure of 638 / 700 isn’t incorrect, it gives no idea of how the disease is progressing.

For those of us who continue to live, it does not matter how many died in the past week, for us what matters is how many died say yesterday. For, that is the figure which tells us how well our society is dealing with the COVID pandemic.

In case you are scared of dying of COVID, here are some figures to soothe your nerves.
Only the following countries have shown mortality due to COVID in the past 24 hours. One could count them to know how things are going.

688 died in Mexico
095 in Russia
083 in Bolivia
062 in Indonesia
032 in India
025 in Honduras
019 in Kyrgyztan
017 in USA and Phillipines
011 in Armenia and Afghanistan each
005 in Poland and Moldova each
004 in Australia and Hongkong each
002 in Uzbekistan
001 in Belgium, Hungary and Vietnam each

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