“Crime Free Bharat” and the top cop on a Mission

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Bhopal: Maithili Sharan Gupta, Director General of Police heading Police Reforms in the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh is of the firm view that “Crime Free India” is a vision that should not be taken for its literal meaning of achieving zero crime. There will always be some violations and deviations when we live together in a society, he observes in axiomatic terms but at the same time he goes on tro explain that crime free means a scenario where crime would occur but would not be felt across the board and there would a perceptible sense of security & safety.

Gupta is advocating the cause of a “Crime Free India” with best utilisation of a spectrum of Technologies through Automated Investigation Support System under a National Authority for Scientific and Technical Assistance in investigation & Detection of Crime u/Entry 65C,List 1 of the Constitution

Gupta goes on to underscore that in order to deliver results vis-a-vis the vision of “Crime Free India” it is imperative that we build a system of:

  1. Reporting (crime) through multiple reporting channels.
  2. detection through Smart Investigation Support System
  3. Conviction on account of plenty of evidence with
    certificates of chain of custody, admissibility and integrity,
  4. Prevention on account of predictive analytics by making proactive deployment of Police and Community Volunteers using Various real-time inputs, and
  5. Rehabilitation of criminals and other persons with criminal propensity.

The top cop, who has earlier headed the CRPF forces in Jammu and Kashmir and is now in-charge of Police reforms in MP, is full of optimism despite what we see as so many retarding factors both in terms of the people’s “Chalta hai” attitude or devil-may-care nonchalance¬†on the one side and apathy or complicity at all levels of the political and bureaucratic ecosystem on the other, that lead to a constant drag when it comes to implementing any kind of reform in society. When confronted on this, Gupta, is at once on the philosophical plain as he sums up his positive approach by asserting if we steadfastly pursue the “National Police Mission” goals, “in the long run there would be very few left out criminals in the society thus organised crimes and crimes for financial motives would be things of past. It would usher in Ram Rajya in true spirit and sense.”

COVID-19 has not slowed up Gupta’s pace, for him every week begins for him with a brainstorming session with members of the uniformed police force and experts drawn from different sections of the society. They discuss all about the groundwork and institutional infrastructure, manpower, training and motivation required across the board – both within the law enforcing agencies and the society at large for a Crime free India. In this series, today, Monday 27 July, a team of experts led by Gupta are holding a webinar on the topic “Crime Free Bharat, Analysis of Peer Review or Proactive Police and Visualising Future Challenges”.

Besides Maithili Sharan Gupta, Madhya Pradesh DGP (Police Reforms), the other experts joining the Monday 27 July webinar, are Lalit Shastri, Editor-in-Chief Newsroom24x7; Ms. Khan, Second-in Commandant, CRPF; Hariom Awasthy, Asst. Professor of Law, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior; Vishal Kumar, National Convener, Voice of Youth; S Nitin, Educationist, Director of Genesis Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; Dr Prem Kumar Agarwal, Head of Department of Hoogly Mohsin College. Click here to join this webinar

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