Beating 2012 Olympic winner Li Xuerui was the turning point of my career: Sindhu

Beating 2012 Olympic winner Li Xuerui was turning point of my career: Sindhu

Harpal Singh Bedi


New Delhi:  World champion  PV Sindhu  says  that  beating  2012 Olympic champion Li Xuerui was the turning point of her career.

Determination and Persistence are  Sindhu’s virtues and were  evident in the way she never gave up her dream of becoming a world champion since winning her first bronze medal at the prestigious event in 2013. 

In her  own words, the resolve grew stronger after her big win over 2012 Olympic champion Li Xuerui following a few tough losses during her transition to the senior circuit.

Talking  to  paddler Mudit Dani on his live online chat show, ‘In the Sportlight’.Sindhu said  “The turning point for me was when I beat Li Xuerui in 2012. She was the Olympic champion at that point of time and I beat her in the quarter-finals (of the China Masters),” adding that it boosted her confidence by miles and made her work harder than ever.

A big fan of 2004 Olympic gold medalist Taufik Hidayat’s backhand and two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan’s style of play, Sindhu fondly remembers a surprise gift she received from one of her devoted fans upon her arrival from the Rio Olympics, which was his one-month salary. “It was so touching that I remember it even today. I wrote him a letter and sent him some money,” 

While Sindhu currently continues to train at home and is having a relaxed time with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has also picked up new skills. “I have been learning a few things; like I paint nowadays. I am also cooking and baking. It’s really interesting because earlier it was always badminton but now you are learning different stuff which is creative,” 

The world number 7  also spoke of the importance of support for rising stars to excel. Support from the ecosystem like Khelo India is as essential as support from the parents; this being her parting message on the show.


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