Reject those nurturing hatred and separatism

Rajiv Lochan

Reject those who are nurturing hatred and separatism around the false claims of Muslim persecution in India. Reject Muslim Exclusivism.

In 1947 a country was created for Muslims. That was Pakistan. It is the only country in the world, apart from Israel, created for a people of a religion.

Those who continued to live in India, whether Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, Sikhs, and even Muslims, committed themselves to live together.

The Muslims who chose to live in India rejected pan Islamism, the idea that there is a single world of Islam which exists over and above India, and they rejected the idea that Allah or his word would provide the only valid guidance for life. Yet, the Congress eco-system that dominated India went out of its way to nurture various sorts of separatism.

Sikh separatism that was created by Indira Gandhi resulted in decade long blood shed. Finally it was the people of Punjab, Sikhs and Hindus, who came together to make Sikh separatism irrelevant. They publicly, vociferously, in numerous ways, rejected Sikh separatism. Muslim separatism, however, was used by Indira Gandhi and her successors to poison the minds of Muslims against India. Unfortunately for the Congress system the Muslims cottoned on to the tricks being played on them. Most of them withdrew their support to the Congress. But some of them gravitated towards pan-Islamism once again. Today the LeLi (Left-Liberal) intellectuals of India, the ones who claim to be Left but are not, the ones who claim to be Liberal but are not, have been nurturing, justifying and promoting the cause of Muslim separatism. Once in a while a good, intelligent and caring person like Zafarul-Islam Khan gets carried away by such nurturing and goes out of his way to invite the Muslims of Arabia to teach the Hindus of India a lesson. He makes some generic claims about Hindus troubling Muslims. These are the same false claims that have been spread by the LeLi people of India ever since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister.

This is a critique and in response to the following:

The author, Rajiv Lochan is a renowned historian, scholar and academician

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