Poor Zafarul who took “LeLi gyanis” too seriously

Rajiv Lochan

Poor Zafarul-Islam Khan. He desperately needs a jadu ki jhappi (magic hug) rather than a slap on the face. Right now he seems to be up for the high jump with people insisting that he has done a grievous wrong by requesting Arab countries to intervene to save and protect the Muslims of India.

72 years of age, from one of the most privileged families, long-time owner and editor of one of the most readable of weekly journals brought out for the Muslims of India, completely overwhelmed by what he imagines is the oppression of the Muslims of India. Lives in an imaginary world of his own in which, according to his imagination, his powerful and revengeful friends, the Muslim Arabs, will step over and give the presumably hurtful Hindus a hiding, teach them to not oppress Muslims.

Poor Zafarul got carried away by all the hatred being spewed by the Leli gyanis (Left-Liberal intellectuals). He took it for real when the LeLi manufactured false stories about how Muslims in India are oppressed. In his old age Zafarul could not understand the pernicious agenda of the LeLis. They want to break up India. They want Hindus and Muslims and Christians and Sikhs and tribals and non-tribals to kill each other. Then the LeLis could tut tut over those killings. When everyone starts attacking everyone else the LeLis would also get a chance to run their protection racket once again, the protection racket that allowed the Congress to rule over India for a good 60 years.

All through the 1980s till day before yesterday, the LeLi gyanis were telling us that there is nothing called a ‘Hindu’. The Indian LeLi, not particularly bright, desperate to find approval with the LeLi white people, eagerly created an imaginary structure of India in which Hindus did not exist but still oppressed sundry minorities. For the LeLis, minorities was merely a code word for Muslims.

Then Indians elected Narendra Modi as PM. It became impossible to continue to hold the view that there was no entity called Hindus. Since then they have begun a sustained hate campaign against Hindus. This hate campaign is much simpler in its parameters. It insists that Hindus are bad because they exist. Till now Hindus were considered to be bad because they had something called ‘caste oppression’ and were supposed to ‘ill-treat’ their women. If you recall your lessons of history from school, this was also the content of the so-called Indian Renaissance of the 19th century– that Hindus do caste oppression and ill-treat their women. The ideal form of existence, of course, was England/America/France.

Look at poor Zafarul and his unfortunate rant. He is 72, is the son of a very privileged family, yet when he wants to seek justice, the only thing he can think of is the Arabs intervening in India. He can’t even imagine himself, his Muslim friends, standing up and telling those who are ill treating them to not do so. After all, when they do make that statement they will have to actually spell out the nature of the ill treatment. And, surprisingly, there is none.

Postscript (Newsroom24x7):  A first information report (FIR) has been registered against Khan under Indian Penal Code sections 124 A (sedition) and 153 A (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.

Khan gad earlier posted on social media the following:

The author, Rajiv Lochan, a JNU alumnus, is a renowned historian, academician, and scholar.

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