Zafarul-Islam Khan needs to apologise publicly

Rajiv Lochan

Zafarul-Islam Khan needs to apologise publicly for his foolish stance of creating ill-will between people in India.

‘Muslims’ standing with ‘Muslims’ amounts to ‘Muslims’ standing against everyone else. That is what the lived experience of India tells us. Now the Chair of the Delhi Minorities Commission propagates the same. Could it be that the very idea that Muslims are a ‘minority’ in India is flawed and that idea promotes separatism among Muslims, promotes a feeling of disaffection against everyone else in India, nurtures a feeling of hurt and victimhood that disallows Muslims from growing? After all, in India there are tens of communities that are very small in size. Often we have heard of Jains, Parsis, Chettis, as ‘successful’ groups. But we also have ‘brahmins’, who are negligible in number, not very rich and yet without a sense of victimhood.

Arab countries and most Muslim countries understand this. They also understand that the Muslims of India ARE NOT a persecuted people. Rather, that in India the Muslims are the most pampered people who are given tremendous support from all sides. Kuwait and other countries have not fallen into the Islamist trap that was created by the Islamist in India and their Leli (Left-Liberal) henchmen.

It is rather simple and has been so since the Muslim League created Pakistan for Muslims while Bharat/India/Hindustan consciously refused to be a country for ‘Hindus’ but insisted that the proper destiny for a country is to be for all the people. The Constitution makers of India debated the possible identities that Bharat should adopt and consciously chose the position that a country should be for all people and not for only one or the other religion. This itself was an amazing step since a large number of successful countries in the world had adopted one or the other religion.
Zafarul-Islam Khan​, it seems, has come forward to promote separatism in India. Why would he want to do that? Why such wilful ignorance of the way India is? Why this great desire to single out Muslims from the generality of Indians? Why to feign hurt and blame others?
The people of India have been kind enough and understanding enough to even put behind that stupid behaviour of the Markaz of the Tablighi Jamaat. That has been the source of 54% of all infections in Haryana as reported by Bhartesh Singh Thakur. Every person in Haryana is suffering seriously because of the stupid behaviour of the Tablighis. Yet, no one has even thought of hurting them for harming every Haryanavi. Rather, the belief is that these were ignorant people, driven by their foolish commitment to a bad leadership.

The author, Rajiv Lochan, is a renowned historian-scholar

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