COVID-19 lockdown: The human face of Uttar Pradesh Police

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Ram Krishna Chaturvedi, Member UP Police Recruitment & Promotion Board and former Inspector General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, is a highly decorated police officer. He resides in Lucknow but presently, during the Corona lockdown period, he is staying with his daughter at Sector 31 in Noida.

It was in the evening, this past Saturday that Chaturvedi got a call from one Hukum Singh, who is an electrician. He hails from Aligarh and lives in the Nithari area of Noida. For last many years, he has been in touch with Chaturvedi, who was earlier posted as SSP Noida.

Hukum Singh had called up to seek help as there was total lockdown and he had to reach Aligarh at the earliest. For him, it was an emergency as he had received a call from his wife who had told him that she was critically ill and needed immediate medical attention. She lives in Aligarh with her son and daughter-in-law but was helpless at that juncture as her son was out of station.

Initially Chaturvedi responded by expressing his helpless in the matter in view of the prevailing situation. After a while, he got another call from Hukum Singh to inform him him that if he failed to reach Aligarh, his wife may not survive – therefore, he was even thinking of going from Noida to Aligarh on his bicycle as there was no other option available to him. Immediately Chaturvedi felt the seriousness and gravity of the matter and decided that he would do all to help the person in distress.

Chaturvedi called Akhilesh Kumar, the Additional Commissioner of Police, who in turn activated the system and as a result of timely help from ACP 1 Noida Arun Kumar Singh, SHO 20 Rakesh, ACP Dadri Satish Kumar, SI Vikas and a media-person who was his neighbour, they were able to send Hukum Singh by truck (lorry) and he was able to reach Aligarh by about 2 am that night. In this way, he was able to be return home and rush his wife to hospital in the morning.

Daily, the police is directly involved in many such philanthropic works and the police personnel go unsung, Thanks to the Noida Police, a commoner in distress received timely help and much needed succour when he needed it the most

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