Watch Out: They will go to any extreme to harm the national cause

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The nation is locked in a battle with COVID 19 and the situation has been worst confounded by the Tablighi Jamaat and the Markaz gathering at Nizamuddin in New Delhi in the second fortnight of March in blatant violation of government orders and guidelines.

The Tablighi Jamaat has fanned out all over India jeopardising the lives of innocent unsuspecting citizens.

First of the Watch Out Series by (Few pictures used in this video have been taken from the social media)

In this scenario, we have the JNU Students Union (JNUSU) beating it’s chest and extending support to the Tablighi Jamaat that only deserves to be banned.

JNUSU has the audacity to talk of state sponsored attack on Muslims. This despite a series of attacks on the uniformed force which is on the streets to control people during the lockdown.

In Bhopal, for example there was incident where two cops were attacked and wounded by sharp edged weapons when they trying to convince a crowd to return to their homes.

We also have the social media splashed with all kinds of statements from a section condemning initiatives to unite the people and make them stand firmly behind government initiatives to control the crisis.

Those bent upon opposing the national initiative against COVID 19 are part of the gang that for a prolonged period has thrived off sinecures,  aggrandizement and freebies extended by the Congress party to perpetuate the family rule and stay riveted to the seats of power at any cost.

This  gang includes the big party satraps, besides the party rank and file, which is nothing but a pyramid of pimps and power brokers, crony capitalists, and then there are the completely sold out media barons and journalists – those mostly known for their rags to riches story rather than stories they should have done to fix accountability in larger public interest.

There is also a big chunk of bureaucrats who strut around the corridors of power and are known as money spinners and blue eyed boys of the political masters.

Together they took the entire federal system for a ride.

After the second consecutive defeat of the Congress in the 2019 general election they have started beating their chest, they are wailing and crying as they have lost all avenues to loot. Holding on to power in a few States, directly and with the help of allies, they still are hopeful that someday they will rule the Centre again…..From the common point of view, this is only a mirage that is keeping their hope alive despite the fact that people have understood their game and they are the most despised

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