Congress Ecosystem, Tablighi Jamaat and ghetto mentality

Rajiv Lochan

The constant insistence in India by the Congress ecosystem that Muslims are somehow different and need special treatment has finally resulted in the sort of illogical behaviour that the Congress of the Tablighi Jamaat showed in Delhi in March 2020. At last count that Congress is said to have spread the Corona virus to 20,000 people across the country. Their illogical behavior, rooted in religion, can have fatal ramifications for the entire population. Please light a diya, pray to your gods that the country does not have to suffer too much as a result of this fatal Congress.

It is dangerous and harmful to allow religious dogma to be above the interests of the population. Yet, in India we tolerated such a situation and did not disband the meeting of the Tablighi Jamaat at its very start. Just as we did not disband the Shaheen Bagh protest merely because it was a protest launched by Muslims. Not that not responding quietened things down. It did not. Rather, in north east Delhi some Muslim groups tried to scale up the Shaheen Bagh protest by stopping the metro, the very life line of the farmers of that region. When the local MLA threatened to take action, the local Muslim leadership quickly resorted to military attacks on their Hindu neighbours at a time when the American President, Donald Trump was visiting Delhi. That fracas soon developed into a riot that lasted three days and everyone suffered. It hurt thousands.

The completely illogical opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act launched by the Congres ecosystem was based on the calumny, spread by the Congress ecosystem among Muslims, that the Citizenship Amendment Act targets Muslims, is likely to deprive the Muslims living in India of their citizenship. The Congress ecosystem had for its own survival created the falsehood that Muslims in India are discriminated. The Congress ecosystem, instead of helping the Muslims to live as normal members of the society in India, insisted on ghettoising them.

Under the Tableeghi Jamaat’s regressive ideology are exponents who have ranged from militant jihadists to radical preachers to Islamic televangelists unleashing a dangerous mix of fantasies and bigoted fallacies which have only one thing in common: to persuade Muslims to self-isolate themselves from the rest of society. The belief that all knowledge and wisdom comes from Allah and that Allah alone provides the proper guidance was at the root of the entire Muslim world losing its prime position in the world and evolving into one of the most anti-human social system. This ghetto mentality has played havoc with Muslim populations in countries like India where there is a tremendous diversity of thoughts and beliefs and where the state does not repress even the weirdest critics of society and state. At least once, in 1947, the people of India permitted this ghetto mentality to create a separate state for Muslims in India. That was Pakistan. The horrors that accompanied the creation of Pakistan were unimaginable.

About the author: Rajiv Lochan is an eminent academician, scholar and historian.

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