New Jharkhand Chief Secretary symbolises the Steel frame of bureaucracy

Dipankar Panda

The Jharkhand Government has demonstrated it’s will to establish good governance by appointing Sukhdeo Singh (IAS: 1987) as Chief Secretary of Jharkhand.

An officer of unimpeachable integrity, dignified bearing and remarkable uprightness, Singh personifies the old school of IAS and ICS when this service used to be the “steel frame” of administration. He belongs to an altogether different genre of bureaucrats that unfortunately is slowly and gradually becoming extinct. He has been a role model for many of us. We learnt a lot from him and the present generation of administrators are lucky to have him as their Chief Secretary.

By making him the Chief Secretary, the present ruling dispensation in Jharkhand has made it clear that it means business and hanky-panky administration will not be tolerated. Jharkhand is definitely on the move. Great for the state.

The author, Dipankar Panda, is a JNU alumnus and has served the State of Jharkhand as a popular bureaucrat.

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