Infosys sacks employee for using social media to spread COVID 19

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Bengaluru: Infosys on Friday dismissed an employee who had shared a post on social media urging people to spread COVID 19.

Late on Friday night, he was also arrested.

Friday night, Infosys announced:

Infosys has completed its investigation on the social media post by one of its employees and we believe that this is not a case of mistaken identity.

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Infosys said on its official Twitter handle: “The social media post by the employee is against Infosys’ code of conduct and its commitment to responsible social sharing. Infosys has a zero tolerance policy towards such acts and has accordingly, terminated the services of the employee.”

Initially, when the issue surfaced Infosys had responded by stating: “We are deeply concerned with an inappropriate post being attributed to an Infosys employee. We strongly reaffirm our commitment to responsible social-sharing. Our preliminary enquiry, and discussions with our employee suggest that this could be a case of a mistaken identity.”

Immediately thereafter, on 26 March, Infosys had also clarified that given the seriousness with which such matters are taken up by Infosys, this issue was being investigated further and the organisation was ready to also assist with any independent investigation. The company went on to reiterate that it would take appropriate action based on its investigation.

In the meanwhile pressure started mounting on the company with the demand that the employee, who was anti-national, must be dismissed.

Mujeeb Mohammed, the sacked Infosys employee who introduced himself on a social media profile as Senior Technology Architect at Infosys, had said on one of his facebook posts: “Let’s join hands, go out and sneeze with open mouth in public. Spread the virus.”

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