COVID 19: No need to visit CGHS Centres till April 30 for medicines

Newsroom24x7 Network

New Delhi: CGHS beneficiaries do not have to visit CGHS Wellness Centres to collect medicines till 30 April 2020 due to COVID 19.

According to a Union Ministry of Health, Directorate General of CGHS order issued on Friday, 27 March, CGHS beneficiaries getting medicines for chronic diseases can purchase medicines based on the prescription held (prescribed by CGHS Medical Officers/CGHS Specialists and other Government Specialists/ Specialist of empanelled hospital) till 30 April.

This decision has been taken keeping in focus the Guidelines already issued by the Government for maintaining social distancing between individuals due to CIVID 19.

The medical claim shall be submitted to CGHS by pensioners, ex-MPs and others covered by CGHS, through the CGHS Wellness Centres where their cards are registered and to the concerned Ministry or Department in case of serving employees, to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat / Lok Sabha Secretariat as the case may be in respect of the sitting Members of Parliament and to the concerned Autonomous Body in case beneficiaries of Autonomous Bodies.

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