Journalist who attended Kamal Nath’s Press Conference tests positive for COVID19

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Bhopal: The presence of a particular journalist at the press conference of Kamal Nath just before he submitted his resignation as chief minister on 20 March has sent state authorities and the press fraternity in the state capital in a spin as both the journalist concerned and his daughter, who has returned recently from London after completing her post-graduation in Law, have tested positive for COVID19.

The media-persons present at Nath’s press conference, who shook hands or were in close proximity of the journalist in question, and also those with whom they later mingled with, including their family members, have been advised to quarantine themselves. Those among them having symptoms of sour throat, fever and body ache have also been told to seek medical attention without wasting any time.

This journalist, who is guilty of evading Coronavirus related guidelines that were already in public domain, was also in the State Assembly the same day where he was seen mingling with many journalists. Near the entrance to the press gallery, he was greeted with a “Namaste” by Newsroom24x7 Editor-in-Chief Lalit Shastri, who withdrew a few steps and had even asked him to maintain a safe distance when he tried to come rather too close, give a hug and shake hands. This when Shastri had no inkling that his daughter had just returned from England.

There was a large presence of media persons at the Assembly on 20 March. They were there to attend the special session convened on orders of the Supreme Court to hold a floor test for Kamal Nath to prove his majority. The trial of strength never took place as Nath had chosen to resign.

The brother of this journalist is a high profile State Congress unit General Secretary and is also the party spokesman.

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