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Kalmegh could be effective treatment for COVID-19 says forest and wildlife expert

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A 20 ml dose of Kalmegh, also called “chirayata” in the local dialect, is a good prophylaxis treatment to prevent malaria and this can also be effective for the prevention and treatement of COVID-19 since it is immunity booster and also a blood purifier. It is keeping this in view that recently I had suggested Kalmegh as a preventive medicine for Coronovirus (through social media) – Dr Ram Gopal Soni, IFS (retd)

On Soni’s projection that Kalmegh (a traditional herbal medicine used for curing malaria), could be an effective treatment for COVID-19, Newsroom24x7 contacted and interviewed him. CLICK here for Full Interview in Hindi

Q: You have been posted in the dense forested area of Sarguja during the initial phase of your career as an Indian Forest Service officer. One would like to know how you came to know about the medicinal property of Kalmegh?

A: The Sarguja region has been known for high incidence of malaria. During my posting there, I too suffered a bout of malaria. On doctor’s prescription, I went through the whole cycle of medication, but my fever continued to persist. At that juncture, a local person advised me to take Kalmegh decoction (decoctions are aqueous preparations of plant parts boiled in water for 15–20 min until the water volume is halved or even more) and within three days my fever had subsided and it took a fortnight for me to fully recover. After that I made it a habit of taking regular dose of Kalmegh and uring my 3 year stint at Sarguja, I never again had malaria.

After that I tried the same decoction with a small group of forest employees and the result was those suffering from malaria recovered very soon and the others did not contract the disease. Hence, I could conclude that Kalmegh had both prophylactic and curative properties.

Even when I was posted in the Pench Tiger Reserve, I found that one-third of the staff was always suffering from malaria. I tried Kalmegh with them and got positive results.

When Chikangunia had spread in Chhindwara district, even then, I had tried curing people with Kalmegh and was successful.

Last year, I got the same result when I used Kalmegh for the treatment of Dengue.

Even in the naxalite affected area, the daily wage labourers were also cured by Kalmegh and they could work full time without interruption.

I would also cite the example of CRPF Commandent R K Gulpta, who was once posted with me. He was facing the problem of a large number of CRPF personnel reporting sick simultaneously. On my advice, the sick CRPF personnel were administered Kalmegh and about two days ago the Commandent told me that not a single of his men suffered with malaria.

I can say with certainty that Kalmeg is very effective against Malaria, Chickengunia and Dengue. It is my firm belief that it will also help in checking Coronavirus.

Q. how do you prepare the Kalmegh decoction?

A. Kalmegh can be purchased from the neighbourhood Kirana store.

Take 50 gram of Kalmegh (kadu chirayata also known as Bhuneem) Andrographis penniculata, boil in 1 liter of water till it is one fourth in quantity (“quath”). Cool it and strain it over a sieve (“chhan len”).

If suffering from Malaria, Dengue, Chickengunia or corona, one should take half cup of this 2 times a day (in the morning with empty stomach and then in the evening). In case of a child up to 5 years, give 5 ml dose (one teaspoon). Fever will subside in two to three days but one has to take the medication for 15 days.

There is also a treatment for a extreme Corona and acute symptoms of pneumonia but it is very strong and can be taken only with my direct advise.

Q. Will you give your mobile number because people may want to contact you

A. 9425819300 (I could be contacted in an extreme case).

Dr RG Soni

Dr Ram Gopal Soni, IFS (retd), has held important posts in Madhya Pradesh Forest department and has been Director Pench Tiger Reserve and Secretary Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board.

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